Claudia picked me up and we drove about 20 minutes to Ipanema Beach. This is the famous beach from the song “Girl from Ipanema”. Her son and a bunch of her volleyball friends go to that beach, so we wanted to join them. Her volleyball friends weren’t exactly like our Thursday Night crew. One was an international coach, another a player for Italy. Crazy talent. When they took a break, we jumped on the court and played.

There are many new bars and restaurants that popped up from the Olympics/Paralympics. After our day on the beach, we met up with another friend, Helena, and had some sushi at a restaurant by ASICS brand. On our way back to the car, Helene invited us up to her home where we met her husband and son, and enjoyed coffee and an interesting fruit.


Ipanemo Beach – Beautiful!



Claudia’s volleyball friends!



Evidently this is an internationally famous sidewalk – the sidewalk pattern of Ipanema Beach.



Helena is a sculptor and this baby is one of her works. Amazing! Thanks Helena for your hospitality.

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