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Dec 5

Keating’s first 3D Printed Leg

Mark Miller and I (Nancy Miller), owners of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, rescued Keating from a shelter in Chattanooga, TN in 2014 so Mark could make legs for him as he grew. For the first five years of his life, Keating had the best prosthesis ever – each leg he made was comfortable and strong, and they helped Keating walk and run like his 4-legged friends. Mark even made a pirate peg leg of willow wood to go with his pirate costume.

From the start of our company, we wanted to advance our technology and explore 3D printing. We bought a printer and began learning the technology. Rick Sevier from Tulsa, Oklahoma initially helped us with scanning attempts and working on our 3D printer. I was able to learn a lot from Rick at his 3d printing classes for prosthetics & orthotics at his Steampunk Bionics Academy. Our printer wasn’t the greatest though, and our initial efforts were put on the back burner as our business grew.

In the summer of 2019, the goal of 3D printing Keating’s leg bubbled back to the top of the list. When our 3D printer wouldn’t work, I called Logan Mace at the recently opened Maker Space at our local community college, West Virginia University of Parkersburg (WVUP) and he made it happen!

I met with Logan at WVUP with a 3D scan of Keating’s residual limb, which we captured in our office using our structure scanner. From there, Logan helped me with the design and actual printing of the leg. After many trials, we were finally able to create a functional leg that fit Keating well. The WVUP Makerspace gave me the opportunity to learn new design software and gave me access to their printers to print the final product.

Keating now has a new 3D printed leg and does very well with it. Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our goal – especially Logan Mace at WVUP. The marketing team at WVUP are also miracle workers and produced a great video on the project.

We are continuing to improve and modify the flexible liner, design of the socket and leg, and are now printing them in our Belpre, Ohio office. Thanks again to Rick Sevier as I attended another of his classes and heeded his advice on printer and filament selections. Both Rick and Logan are always available to help us through tough spots and get us to the next level. Click the link below to read more about our time working with WVUP.

Aug 14

How to Videos for Amputees

Aug 9

Alexander Miller Earns Certification

Alex Miller, Certified Prosthetic Orthotic Assistant

PARKERSBURG, WV (July 10, 2019) Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is proud to announce that Alexander Miller has received his Certification from the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics (ABC). Alex is now a Certified Prosthetic and Orthotic Assistant working at both the Belpre, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia locations of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics.

Alexander Miller, born and raised in Belpre, Ohio, is a 2018 graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science, 2014 graduate of Warren Local High School and attended Parkersburg Catholic for several years as well. Alex has been involved in the Prosthetic and Orthotic business since 2013 working part-time at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, and later at a similar clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio while attending college. Alex has been working full-time as a technician and assistant at Miller’s since 2018 and has also been taking additional classes necessary for his ABC Certification. Alex has been training with two practitioners who are industry leaders: Mark Miller, his father, who is a Certified Licensed Prosthetist and Orthotist, and Sean Greer, a Certified Licensed Orthotist also working for the company.

Alex plans to continue his education by pursuing a two-year Master’s Degree in Orthotics & Prosthetics in order to become a Certified Licensed Prosthetic and Orthotic Practitioner.

“It’s always fun to have one of your own kids come into a family business. Alex is already proving to be an asset to the company and our patients seem to enjoy working with him as well.“ Mark Miller

“Alex’s technical background starts him head and shoulders above most of his peers. He is becoming a great benefit to the company and the community in the way he takes care of his patients.” Sean Greer

The entire staff at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics congratulates Alex on his certification. Alex has great spirit and enthusiasm and is a natural leader. He works well with patients and employees while also continuing to excel in the fabrication of custom prosthetics and orthotics.

Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is a team of highly experienced professionals who provide people with the most comfortable and functional fit for artificial limbs, and orthotic braces, supports and pediatric helmets. They see patients in two locations: Belpre, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia. They are a high-tech, organized and efficient organization who provide outstanding patient satisfaction at all levels. They also lead the Prosthetic Users Group of the Mid-Ohio Valley (, own a 3-legged certified therapy dog named Keating, are certified visitors through the Amputee Coalition and manage the local Amputee Coalition’s Certified Peer Visitor group for amputees who would like a visit from an individual experienced with limb loss.

Alex can be reached at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics at 740-421-4211 or via email at

For more information about Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics or the Prosthetic Users Group, visit

Aug 9

Weiner and Morris welcomed at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics

Kim Weiner, Office Administrator

BELPRE, OH (July 10, 2019) Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics welcomes Kim Weiner of Belpre, Ohio and Tyler Morris, of Marietta, Ohio to their full-time team.

Kim Weiner has over 16 years of experience in the Prosthetic & Orthotic industry in the patient, office administration, billing and supervising role. Patients have also seen her smiling face in the office for a while, but beginning June 1, 2019, Kim became a full-time employee. Kim, born and raised in Belpre, Ohio is a graduate of Belpre High School. She has also lived in Columbus, OH while attending Capitol University, and in Parkersburg, WV and Clarksville, TN over the years. “We are thrilled to have her expertise with us full-time to make sure patients are taken care of as our business continues to grow”, states owner Nancy Miller.

Tyler Morris, Lab Technician

Tyler Morris, born and raised in Marietta, Ohio is a 2014 graduate of Warren High School and the Washington County Career Center for Auto Collision. Tyler is the new fulltime lab technician, and can be found in our Belpre, Ohio fabrication lab making custom orthotics and prosthetics. Tyler has worked for a few companies in the Mid-Ohio Valley building skills in auto, computers, sales and management. Tyler began his career with us in April 2019 and is rapidly expanding his knowledge and abilities in orthotic and prosthetic fabrication.

For more information about Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, visit

May 28

Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics will host free adaptive golf clinic

April 18, 2019 – Parkersburg, WV – Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics will host a free golf clinic for rehab personnel and community members with limb loss and other physical challenges.  First Swing Learn to Golf, a program of the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA), will offer a morning session specifically for area therapists (PTs, OTs, RTs), golf teaching pros and anyone with an interest in adaptive recreation.  Clinic will include classroom instruction and hands on driving range work.  Continuing education credits and PGA points may apply.  Lunch will be provided. Morning attendees are asked to stay for the afternoon clinic session when our clinic participants will learn how to golf or how to return to the game of golf. 

Community members with limb loss and other physical challenges will work on the golf range in the afternoon session with the rehab personnel, golf coaches and professional adaptive golf instructors. No golf experience is necessary.  Participants will learn how to golf or techniques to improve their swing. Registered participants are invited to join the group for lunch at noon.

Instruction will be provided by Don Zommer, a NAGA First Swing Instructor.  First Swing Learn to Golf is offered at NO CHARGE to any attendee.  Online registration is required and available for both the morning and afternoon sessions at  or by contacting Nancy Miller at or at 740-421-4211.  Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is bringing in experts from two national groups to provide quality education to the Mid-Ohio Valley:   The Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) and the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA).

The First Swing event will take place on Friday, May 17 at
Parkersburg Country Club in Vienna, WV. 
Morning session begins at 9 am and the afternoon clinic session will
begin at 1 pm on the driving range.  For
more information, you may call 740-421-4211 or contact  Balance, grip, range of motion, adaptive
equipment and techniques will all be part of the day’s instruction.

Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics offer top quality
patient care in both Ohio and West Virginia. 
First Swing is a chance for them to give back to their community, their
patients and their referrals sources with top quality adaptive recreation and education. 

Brian Hyson golfer, Allison Barnett Physical Therapist

About Miller
Prosthetics & Orthotics:

Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is a team of highly
experienced professionals who provide people with the most comfortable and
functional fit for artificial limbs, and orthotic braces, supports and cranial
helmets.  They see patients in two
locations:  Belpre, Ohio and Parkersburg,
West Virginia.  They are a high-tech,
organized and efficient organization who provide outstanding patient
satisfaction at all levels.  They also
lead the Prosthetic Users Group of the Mid-Ohio Valley, own a 3-legged
certified therapy dog named Keating, and are certified visitors through the
Amputee Coalition. 

For more information about Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, call
740-421-4211, visit or
email us at

Don Zommer, Professional Adaptive Golf Instructor from the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA) provides instruction to Zach at a First Swing Clinic.

About OPAF:
Serving as the philanthropic arm of the US orthotic and prosthetic community,
the Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF), develops,
implements, partners and hosts adaptive recreational clinics for those with
physical challenges.  The First Clinics
are recognized as leaders in adaptive recreation.  Whether this is the first time a participant
is trying an activity after illness, injury or episode or the first time they
are ever trying, First Clinics offer top notch adaptive instruction specifically
for them. Founded in 1995 to support the Paralympic Games in Atlanta, OPAF
& The First Clinics have moved forward to offer introductory level adaptive
recreation opportunities to everyone, not just the elite athlete.  For more information on OPAF and The First
Clinics, visit

Click below to watch the 35 second video!

Mar 26

New Certified Peer Visitors from the Amputee Coalition

The Prosthetic Users Group is proud to announce that the Mid-Ohio Valley, and surrounding area, now has six Nationally Certified Peer Visitors from the National Amputee Association.

Tamara Chinea of Parkersburg, WV
Barry Friedman of Dunbar, WV
Bill Fulton of Belpre, OH
Steve Lamp of Parkersburg, WV
Robert Stephens of Charleston, WV
Fred Yanda, New Matamoras, OH

A big thank you and congratulations goes out to this group who stepped up to volunteer for the program.  The program involved 8+ hours of training on Saturday, March 23, 2019.    Juanita Mengel, a certified instructor from the National Amputee Coalition, traveled from Amanda, Ohio to teach the class.    Students can be an amputee who has successfully adapted to life without a limb(s) for at least a year or a caregiver of an amputee.  The application process requires references, a background check and a small fee.  Both the students and instructor volunteer their time with their main goal of giving back to help new amputees.

Peer visitors are invaluable to the new amputee.  When someone loses a limb, they often struggle with how they can function and lead a normal life again.  Peer Visitors, sent on behalf of the National Amputee Coalition, call on new amputees to help bring them hope.

Peer support is vital to recovery.  Most amputees who have experienced the gift of a peer visit report this visit changed their life.  A visit can help them from being overwhelmed and depressed.  They realize if he/she can do it, I can do it.  Often the recovery process is a blur, but looking back, the amputee can distinctly remember the affect the peer visit had on their lives.

The Peer visitor program was brought to the area by the Prosthetic Users Group of the Mid-Ohio Valley and hosted by Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics at their Belpre, Ohio location.  The Prosthetics Users Group formed in October 2015 to help amputees meet and help each other adapt to life.  The support group has been discussing the certified peer visitor program for years and are thrilled to announce their first six graduates! 

If you work for a hospital or rehabilitation facility or have a family member or friend who is facing or has recently experienced an amputation, and are interested in a peer visit locally, call Nancy Miller at 740-421-4211.  Another option is to go through the National Amputee Coalition Website at  This program is offered across the country. 

If you are an amputee, join us at our monthly meetings.  The Prosthetic Users Group meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30. The meetings are usually held at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics at 2354 Richmiller Ln, Belpre, Ohio.  Meeting locations and agenda can be confirmed at

Nov 5

In the News!


We are proud to have articles featured in the Parkersburg News & Sentinel, Marietta Times and other publications.

4/17/20 3D printing limbs gives pets the mobility they deserve – Online article, April 2020
The article showcases a variety of animals who have been aided with prosthetics and featured an alligator, dogs, sheep and other animals.  Keating and his 3D printed leg made it in this widely read post written by Erin Carson.

1/3/20  Exclusive Interview: Keating
Amplitude – National Magazine, January 2020 Issue pg 28-30
A fun article where Keating is interviewed about his life working as a therapy dog for Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics

12/20/19 Keating the dog helps limb loss patients
WTAP Television Station “This is Home Series” aired on 12/20/19
 Local tv station filmed at our office.  Ken Bailey, who wears a prosthesis, along with Keating and 3D printing were featured in the video and story.—566390871.html

12/12/19 Amputee therapy dog sheds light on the future of 3D printing prosthetics
Marietta Times Newspaper – Section B9 Neighborhoods
Miller Prosthetics works with WVUP Entrepreneur Center to complete first 3D printed leg for Keating, therapy dog.

12/5/19 Keating: A New Leash on Life; Amputee therapy dog showcases potential of 3D prosthetics during visit to WVU Parkersburg
WV News Online

12/5/2019 Local Amputee Therapy Dog Sheds Light on the Future of 3d Printing Prosthetics
Great photos and video showing the project with WVUP to 3D Print Keatings Leg.

12/5/2019  Local Amputee Therapy Dog Sheds Light on the Future of 3D Printing Prosthetics at WVU Parkersburg
West Virginia University Parkersburg –  Website
WVUP wrote about and created a video of the creation of Keating’s First 3D Printed Leg with their Entrepreneur Center and coordinator Logan Mace!

8/4/2019 Weiner, Morris join Miller Prosthetics
4B Business Section
Kim Wiener and Tyler Morris join Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics full-time team.

8/4/2019 Miller earns certification 
4B Business Section
Alex Miller is certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics (ABC) as an Assistant in Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPOA).  He has been working toward this certification since his graduation from the University of Cincinnati.

5/18/19 Playing Through  First Swing teaches golf to those with limb loss
Region 6A
The First Swing Adaptive Golf Clinic on Friday, May 17. 2019 was a huge success.  The event was hosted by Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics at the Parkersburg Country.  Theybrought in experts from OPAF (The Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation) and NAGA (The National Amputee Golf Association) to run the clinic offered free to area therapists, golf coaches and physically challenged community members.  The article features great golf pictures from Mitch Forrester, Jenn Wagner and Brian Hyson.

5/2/19     Free adaptive golf clinic set for Vienna
Region 8A
Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is hosting a First Swing Adaptive Golf Clinic for rehap personnel and community members with limb loss and other physical challenges.

4/16/19     Expo spotlights Belpre business community
Front Page
The Belpre business community gathered for their annual business expo on April 15, 2019.  Keating and Nancy stopped in to visit the exhibits and support the event.  Keating, the certified therapy dog from Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, was pictured with an employee from Boxer’s Bed & Biscuits.

4/6/2019   Local man completes training to be peer visitor for amputees
Front Page
Bob Stephens tells the story of his motorcycle accident in 1971 and how he worked through it with the help of others.  He has been helping other amputees for years, and now is Certified Peer Visitor through the Amputee Coalition.

4/1/19      Mid-Ohio Valley gets certified peer visitors from amputee coalition  Local pg 5A
Six new peer visitors were certified by the National Amputee Coalition at a training session hosted by Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics on March 23, 2019.  Juanita Mengel traveled from Amanda, Ohio to lead the training.  Congratulations to Tamara Chinea, Barry Friedman, Bill Fulton, Steve Lamp, Robert Stephens and Fred Yanda.  They are now certified to visit new amputees and help them adjust to adaptive life.

11/4/18     Miller Prosthetics and Orthotics hornored for dedication Business Section
Miller Prosthetics and Orthotics was among 53 providers across the nation to receive the 2018 Freedom Award sponsored by the Orthotic Prosthetic Group of America (OPGA). This national award is for providers who provide exceptional care and improve the mobility of veterans.

10/26/18     Belpre Area Chamber of Commerce Presents Awards  Front Pagel Reporter – Madeline Scarborough
Mark and Nancy Miller Awarded Business Persons of the Year 2018

9/6/18     Therapy dog brings smiles to patients     Local News; Reporter – Madeline Murphy
Certified therapy dog, Keating, visits amputees at Health South Rehab Hospital in Parkersburg, WV.

8/29/18     Prosthetic Users group meets monthly in Belpre     Community News 
Amputee support group meets second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm.  Check out for location.

1/22/2018     Pet audition to be part of Ely Chapman Foundation fundraiser     Community News; Reporter Doug Loyer
Keating shows off his newspaper fetching trick during auditions for Pet Tricks show in Marietta, Ohio

12/24/17     Miller Prosthetics moves to Belpre location    Reporter – Brett Dunlap
Information about our business and new building.  Great photos and this one is framed in the office.

10/29/17     Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics moves      Business Section
Information about the building process of the new office building, with specific information on the contractors involved.

10/22/17     Sean Greer joins Miller Prosthetics
Sean Greer returns to the Mid-Ohio Valley after practicing Orthotics for 16 years in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Pittsburgh.  He specializes in Pediatric Orthotics and Cranial Helmets.

10/12/16    Belpre couple recalls time in Rio at 2016 Paralympic Games     Local News
Learn about the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Mark and Nancy Miller’s volunteer experience.

7/3/16     Keating becomes certified therapy dog     Community News
Our three-legged dog who wears a prosthetic leg passed his test to be a certified therapy dog from Therapy Dogs International

7/3/16     Louie the beagle gets a new leg     Community News
Bob and Jill DePue of Athens work with Millers to fit their dog with prosthetic leg

7/9/16     Millers volunteering at Rio Games     Local Columns
Paralympic Volunteers in Rio de Janerio, Brazil

12/20/15     Miller Prosthetics welcomed to Belpre     Business Section
Millers open second location in Belpre, Ohio in the growing medical campus on Farson Street.

8/19/15     Injury not stopping Lamp from walking     Local News
Steve Lamp walked in the Parkersburg News & Sentinel’s Two-Mile race after only two days wearing his first prosthetic leg.

6/7/15     Funding effort goes to the dogs     Local News
The Humane Society of Parkersburg’s 22nd annual Walk Your Paws fundraiser costume contest awarded Keating first place.  This is the contest that the wooden peg leg for Pirate Keating was made.  Since then, the costume and portrait have become quite famous!

12/13/2014  Christmas Open House at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics in Parkersburg mentioned in the Country Club event article     Local Columns
Scroll down to read the mention of our Christmas party with Keating showing off his leg.

11/2/14     Millers adopt puppy, fit him with new leg     Local News
The story of rescuing Keating, a greyhound boxer mix puppy born with three legs from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

9/28/14     Local firm serves amputees     Business
Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics opens new business in Parkersburg, WV.  Focus on technology and the latest techniques to provide a comfortable fit for amputees.


Oct 18

Keating, an amputee therapy dog with a prosthetic leg, visits many in the Mid-Ohio Valley

He may be one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet. In fact, you many not even notice right away that he is missing his right front leg. Keating was born without a leg in Chattanooga, TN in May 2014 and rescued by Mark and Nancy Miller that August. Mark Miller, a certified prosthetist/orthotist with offices in Belpre, OH and Parkersburg, WV, adopted Keating so that he could continue to make new legs for him as he grew. Now at four years old Keating has been wearing a prosthesis since he was a puppy, and his main job is to bring smiles to those in need.


Keating’s famous Pirate Picture used on his business card.

Most days, Keating can be found at the Belpre, Ohio office of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics. He was trained by the Millers and was certified to be a therapy dog in June of 2016 by Therapy Dogs International. Within a week of his certification, the Millers took him to a National Amputee Coalition Conference in Greensboro, NC. The response from attendees with limb loss was so overwhelming, that they decided to share him with the community even outside of their office.

Now Keating makes weekly trips to Belpre Landing to visit the residents and others in short-term rehabilitation. He has also been to both hospitals in the area, a variety of doctor’s offices, and has recently made some rounds at HealthSouth Western Hills Rehab Hospital. He recently attended WVU’s Health & Wellness Day at the Grand Central Mall, the Senior Expo at Grand Pointe in May and a senior event at Putnam Howe Village in Belpre in June. He has visited students at Mineral Wells Elementary School and the Humane Society’s Camp Ruffin It, and was able to introduce the children to limb loss and how prosthetic legs work. He is always around for the Prosthetic Users Group meeting which is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30, usually at the Miller’s Belpre, Ohio office.

In June 2015, Keating won the costume contest for the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. He was wearing a pirate costume and his then brand-new custom “peg-leg” hand-turned from willow wood. Willow is the type of wood that prostheses used to be made from. The pirate picture taken at that event is now featured on Keating’s very own business card. If you see Keating out and about, be sure to ask for his card!

For the last two years, Keating has also visited the Amputee Coalition’s summer camp for children with limb loss at Camp Joy, in Clarksville, Ohio. This year, one of the campers said she still had Keating’s card from the previous year. She carries it around in her wallet and brought it with her to the camp. She said that whenever she gets sad, she looks at the card and thinks “If he can do it, I can do it.”

Keating visits Mr. Brown last year on Halloween at Belpre Landing

To read more about Keating, you can find articles and pictures at under Inspiring Stories:

About Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics:
Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is a team of highly experienced professionals who provide people with the most comfortable and functional fit for artificial limbs, and orthotic braces, supports and cranial helmets. They see patients in two locations: Belpre, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia. They are a high-tech, organized and efficient organization who provide outstanding patient satisfaction at all levels. They also lead the Prosthetic Users Group of the Mid-Ohio Valley, own a 3-legged certified therapy dog named Keating, and are certified visitors through the Amputee Coalition.

For more information about Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, call 740-421-4211, visit or email us at

Here is an accompanying article written by the Parkersburg News & Sentinel:

Aug 29

Prosthetic Users Group Meets Monthly in Belpre, Ohio

Caption: Members of Prosthetic Users group meet on location with Rick Headley, Driver Rehabilitation Specialist in Marietta. Front Row: Jay Yost, Kay and Bill Enlow. Back Row: Fred Yonda, Rick Headley, Nancy Miller, Jack and Linda Fetty, Francis Trickett, Kim and Jeff McLaughlin.

Limb loss in the Mid-Ohio Valley is more common than you may realize. In fact, according to the National Amputee Coalition’s report, there are over 2.1 million people in the United States living with limb loss and 507 people who lose a limb every day. If you or your friend/relative are living with limb-loss or facing an amputation, know that you are not alone.

Amputees living in the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding area get together monthly to share tips & tricks for adapting to life with limb loss. The meetings often start out with a speaker. Recent speakers have included a variety of physical therapists, massage therapist Kenna Lewis from Zenergy, and even member Dr. McCarter, Chiropractor and owner of McCarter Health Center. The group has occasionally met at different locations. The photo was taken with driver rehabilitation specialist Rick Headley, from Memorial Health Systems. In the past, they have also met up with the amputee support group from Columbus, Amps4Ohio, for day trips to Blennerhassett Island and Lake Logan.

The members also set personal goals, and when they are achieved, they are awarded with a gold medal for that month. Goals range from taking a few steps to riding a bike again or returning to work.

This local group is part of the national support group network from the Amputee Coalition. A variety of printed material is available free of charge at the meetings as well as links to online resources. Novels featuring amputees, such as “Living with No Excuses” by Noah Galloway and “On My Own Two Feet: From Losing My Legs to Learning the Dance of Life” by Amy Purdy, are also available for members to “check-out”.

At the meetings, the group is also exposed and encouraged to participate in a variety of activities. For example, adaptive snow and water skiing, kayaking, ballroom dancing, rock climbing, the Annual Amputee Coalition’s National Conference and the Annual Amputee Celebration in Columbus, Ohio. Group leaders Mark and Nancy Miller are always willing to attend the activities and conferences with members to help them knock another goal off their list.

An instructor is lined up to provide an 8-hour training for the National Amputee Coalition’s Peer Visitor Training. This will certify members to visit people who are considering an amputation, or who have recently undergone an amputation. It is important for people to know that there is life after amputation, and it is often possible to return to their previous activity levels. Often, when a new amputee sees how well a peer walks with an artificial limb, their hope and motivation is restored. They can also ask questions to someone who has already experienced the range of emotions and physical issues or challenges that they are currently going through. The training date has not been set yet, but if you are interested, call Nancy Miller at 740-421-4211.

The group is sponsored by Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics and is open to everyone with limb loss and their family and friends. The group usually meets at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics’ new location in Belpre, Ohio: 2354 Richmiller Lane, Belpre, Ohio 45714. Occasionally the meeting is held offsite so to be sure, please check the website each month for the location or call Nancy at 740-421-4211. There is usually coffee, water and popcorn and lately members have brought a variety of sweets and snacks to share.

The group meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm. Check for location.

Whether you are a new amputee or have been living with limb loss for many years, you are encouraged to attend. If you don’t need the support of the group, others may need support from you.

Stories and photos are also shared on the groups’ Facebook page. Just search “Prosthetic Users Group Mid Ohio Valley” in Facebook, or find the link on

We hope to see you next month! Call Nancy Miller with any questions at 740-421-4211

About Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics:
Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is a team of highly experienced professionals who provide people with the most comfortable and functional fit for artificial limbs, and orthotic braces, supports and cranial helmets. They see patients in two locations: Belpre, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia. They are a high-tech, organized and efficient organization who provide outstanding patient satisfaction at all levels. They also lead the Prosthetic Users Group of the Mid-Ohio Valley, own a 3-legged certified therapy dog named Keating, and are certified visitors through the Amputee Coalition.

For more information about Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, call 740-421-4211, visit or email us at


Oct 25

Introducing the new home for Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics in Belpre, Ohio

After two short years at our second location in Belpre, Ohio – we decided to build our own clinic on the other side of the highway.  We broke ground on July 18, 2017.  Below is our crew along with the key players on our team.

From left to right:  Karen Waller, Executive Director Belpre Chamber of Commerce; Chip Wilson, Architect, J.H.Wilson & Associates; Alisha & Eric Morgan, Sustaining Development Engineering; Mark Mondo, Mondo Building and Excavating; Joyce & Mike Lorentz, Belpre Mayor; Nancy, Keating & Mark Miller, Susie Murphy and Dakota Wentz – all from Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics; Ron Cross, Belpre City Safety Service Director.


Our move was spurred by the explosive growth of the medical industry in our area. We are fortunate to be part of that growth that offers new technologies and medical services right here at home in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

We are proud to announce that our new building is complete!  We met our October 31st deadline, beat it in fact.  Our building was ready in less than three months on October 12, 2017.  Crazy!

The Miller Prosthetic & Orthotic Team
Mark & Nancy Miller, Dakota Wentz, Sean Greer, Carter Magers, &  Susie Murphy

After searching the valley, we assembled an amazing team of local companies that pulled off the project – ahead of schedule and under budget.  From ground breaking to the occupancy permit in less than three months.

Our technician, Dakota Wentz, noticed a building going up fast in the area.  He knew we were under a tight deadline and suggested we call them.  And so we did.  After interviewing several contractors and excavators, we found that Mondo Construction and Excavating shared our same vision for the land we owned.  They are more than a construction company, they are developers and can read the layout of the land and deliver an amazing building.  During the project there was always a flurry of activity at the location, and their employees and subcontractors worked around each other to get their jobs done.

Not only was Mondo key to the project, but we were extremely pleased by the responsiveness, talent and professionalism of the many other teams. Two of the first on-site teams were new companies in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  Jonathan Perkins surveyed the property with amazing turn-around time, and he kept expanding the survey as needed with next day turn -around in many cases.

Eric & Alisha Morgan from Sustaining Development were the civil engineers on the project and helped us place the building on the land.  They also worked hard and fast, and stayed connected to government officials and regulations.

J.H. (Chip) Wilson was the architect who agreed to design the building in one month.  As promised, he met his deadline – even after an engineering decision required him to flip and mirror the original plan.

Tiera Arnold from T’s transformations has a magic paint brush and a great team.  They painted every inch of the building inside & out.  If you saw lights on after midnight, it was Tiera and her team.  They worked on a tight schedule and in unison with Mondo and subcontractors so that workers could stay on track.

Mondo subcontracted with many other local companies, and every one of them committed to and met their time line.

With such a fast-paced project, communication was the key.  Mark Mondo truly has a team of professionals that answer every phone call and text immediately.  John Anderson, was the project manager and owner liason and made sure building supplies were selected, ordered and delivered as needed.  Mark Mondo excavated the site himself to make sure it was off to a great start.  Kevin Guiler ran the building project on site, is very detail oriented, ran a tight ship and is respected by his employees.   He was always available for a phone call or meeting, and responded to requests and changes quickly and meticulously.

Chad Hendrickson ran the concrete and supervised everything outside of the building.  He was usually found on the bulldozer transforming the land into a beautiful and functional area, including extra work for the city by replacing their sewage culvert.

There were many other players behind the scene, like Mark Guiler, who made sure equipment and supplies were on-sight as needed.  Mondo also kept county inspectors informed along the way so there were no surprises along the way.

Keating, our three-legged certified therapy dog had his own hard hat and kept a close eye on the project every step of the way.

To thank the entire crew (including all subcontractors) for working so hard on this project, we had a barbeque on site on Thursday, October 12.  As an added surprise, the inspectors came earlier that day and the building passed all of the final inspections!

The City of Belpre, especially Mayor Mike Lorentz and Leonard Wiggins Code Enforcement Officer, have been very helpful in all steps.  They are eager to see their community grow and do what it takes to get it there.

Karen Waller, Executive Director for the Belpre Chamber and other chamber members were also there for us, especially when we were searching for a location.

We are very tied to the city of Belpre and proud to be part of that community.

Our new building is located at 2354 Richmiller Lane, Belpre, Ohio 45714.  This address was meant to be – Richard P. Miller is the name of Mark Miller’s father.  … a lucky sign!  We will also continue to see patients at our original location at 2601 Dudley Ave Suite 5A, Parkersburg, WV.

We hope you can join us for the Ribbon Cutting with the Belpre Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Mike Lorentz  and the Flag Raising Ceremony by the Belpre American Legion Post 495 on Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 10 am.  We’ll have coffee and donuts to get your day started.

The Grand Opening Celebration will be tied into our Five Year Anniversary and Christmas party on December 12, 2017 from 4-8 pm.  We hope to see you there!


Thanks again to everyone who helped pull off this incredible building project.  We commit to serving the needs of our community for artificial limbs, braces, supports and all pediatric orthotic needs.  We will continue to find smiles with Keating, our three-legged therapy dog, and build the limb lost community spirit with the Prosthetic Users Group who will meet at our new office on the second Tuesday of the month.



Mark & Nancy Miller