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Patient Care Process and Physician Notes Requirements

Process For Patient Care
Miller Prosthetics Fax# 888-972-5171

  • Please fax written order and if available, patient information/admission record to Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics
    • Please provide information on initial order so that we know what service to provide.
      • If service needed is unknown, please have therapist, nurse or physician call Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics at 740-421-4211 to discuss patient’s medical condition and therapy goals.
  • Please fax physician notes with specific diagnosis codes and describe reasons custom is necessary. (see below)
    • Appointment at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics will be initial evaluation.
    • Insurance will be verified and authorization sought if necessary by Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics
    • Detailed RX will be created and faxed to physician for signature
  • Please have physician sign detailed Rx and Fax back.
    • Once documentation is received and insurance verified and communicated with patient, orthotic or prosthetic will be delivered to patient and insurance company billed by Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics.

Physician Notes – Insurance Requirements for Orthotics and Prosthetics

  • Please mention in notes that you wrote an order
    • We can help with the detailed Rx after our evaluation
  • “Pain” is not a sufficient diagnosis for orthotics
    • Please provide more specific diagnosis codes
  • If “custom” brace is needed, please stat the word “custom” and provide the reason. For example:
    • If foot/ankle needs to be controlled in more than one plane
    • If expected length of need is longer than 6 months
    • If needed for anatomical issues, if shape is abnormal and not able to be fit with a standard sized brace