Before Steve was fit with his first prosthesis, he used the iWALK, hands free crutch. The iWALK kept the muscles in his residual limb in tone, and kept him walking.

Mark Miller, Licensed/Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist, commented on his experience with Steve:

“In my 27 years experience I have never seen a transtibial amputee do so well so quickly with their first prosthesis. His fitting was delayed for 3 or 4 months while healing. During that time, he used the iWALK which helped maintain strength in his upper leg, as well as his residual limb and core. The transition into the prosthesis was seamless. At his first fitting, he was going up and down ramps and curbs like he had the prostheses for a month. After two days, he walked in a community two-mile event from start to finish. He walked continuously at a normal pace with only one stop to add an additional 1-ply sock, which he did on his own. The following week, he walked in a 5K. On the third week, he rode his bike 3 miles.”

Due to the success of Steve, we now stock the iWalk at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics in Parkersburg, WV and Belpre, Ohio. Along with below knee amputees, the iWALK is helpful for broken ankles or other foot injuries. If you can bend your knee at a 90 degree angle, you would be able to use the iWALK.

If you would like to try it out, give us a call at 304-699-2373.

Check out the customer testimonials on iWALK’s page:

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