After my first day of work I walked down to the Kite Surfing part of the beach because my new friends Roger and Domitila said they would be surfing. Although I don’t think I stand out here, I definitely do. (And that was before I put on my bright green shirt). Roger had just finished surfing and spotted me. I ended up hanging out with them and their friend Gabby for a while. It was a club for kite surfers with live music. Definitely my kind of place!


These are all kites with surfers at the other end!



Roger and his surf board



Nancy, Gabby, Domitila, Friend & Roger. I ended up talking to Gabby for a while that night. She is very young (early 20’s), but has traveled the world backpacking and is one of the few female kite-surfers. She is a rock star!





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