Your favorite furry friend was a main feature in the January edition of Amplitude magazine, a nation-wide magazine for amputees and prosthetic users. Reporter Elizabeth Bofki conducted an exclusive interview with the rockstar pup, Keating, to help spread the word on what it’s like to be a prosthetic therapy dog. In the article, Keating gives a bit of a backstory to explain his origin with the Miller family, and how he grew up to be a huge influence for amputees or anyone who needs a reminder of perseverance.

If you don’t know Keating’s story, this article is a great way to read up on how he goes about his days at work throughout the week, and even how he is able to use his prosthetic leg. The interview is a great read, formatted in the style of a Rolling Stones interview which gives off a real superstar vibe for the deserving therapy dog. Three whole pages are dedicated to Keating, with multiple pictures interjected throughout the article, one picture being his famous pirate picture (featured on his personal business cards).

To check out Keating’s full interview, head over to Amplitude Magazine’s website (link below), and stay tuned to catch this celebrity pup on his next tour!

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