Company Vision

Miller Prosthetics and Orthotics will be the premier provider of artificial limbs and orthotic braces and supports that patients, physicians and residents seek out nationwide.

Mission Statement

We enrich the lives of amputees and orthotic patients.

Miller Prosthetics and Orthotics provides patients with the most comfortable and functional fit for artificial limbs, and orthotic braces and supports.  We provide outstanding patient satisfaction at all levels and will always be on the leading edge of technology.

WE ARE Patient-Centered, Goal-Driven, Outcome-Oriented

Guiding Principles

We exist to improve the lives of our patients, and foster their dignity and confidence.

We strive to increase the activity level of our patients by enabling them to walk and move more comfortably.

We work with patients to improve their overall mental and physical health.

We believe in strengthening all employees through continuous learning, open communications, teamwork and networking.

We believe that keeping an organized, efficient, high tech business will maximize our productivity and our ability to serve patients.

We strive to be the best we can be in everything we do.


Integrity, Respect, Learning, Fun, Patient Relationship, Success, Quality