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Jan 28

Keating the Amputee Therapy Dog Makes it Big in Amplitude Magazine

Your favorite furry friend was a main feature in the January edition of Amplitude magazine, a nation-wide magazine for amputees and prosthetic users. Reporter Elizabeth Bofki conducted an exclusive interview with the rockstar pup, Keating, to help spread the word on what it’s like to be a prosthetic therapy dog. In the article, Keating gives a bit of a backstory to explain his origin with the Miller family, and how he grew up to be a huge influence for amputees or anyone who needs a reminder of perseverance.

If you don’t know Keating’s story, this article is a great way to read up on how he goes about his days at work throughout the week, and even how he is able to use his prosthetic leg. The interview is a great read, formatted in the style of a Rolling Stones interview which gives off a real superstar vibe for the deserving therapy dog. Three whole pages are dedicated to Keating, with multiple pictures interjected throughout the article, one picture being his famous pirate picture (featured on his personal business cards).

To check out Keating’s full interview, head over to Amplitude Magazine’s website (link below), and stay tuned to catch this celebrity pup on his next tour!

Online article-

Dec 5

Keating’s first 3D Printed Leg

Mark Miller and I (Nancy Miller), owners of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, rescued Keating from a shelter in Chattanooga, TN in 2014 so Mark could make legs for him as he grew. For the first five years of his life, Keating had the best prosthesis ever – each leg he made was comfortable and strong, and they helped Keating walk and run like his 4-legged friends. Mark even made a pirate peg leg of willow wood to go with his pirate costume.

From the start of our company, we wanted to advance our technology and explore 3D printing. We bought a printer and began learning the technology. Rick Sevier from Tulsa, Oklahoma initially helped us with scanning attempts and working on our 3D printer. I was able to learn a lot from Rick at his 3d printing classes for prosthetics & orthotics at his Steampunk Bionics Academy. Our printer wasn’t the greatest though, and our initial efforts were put on the back burner as our business grew.

In the summer of 2019, the goal of 3D printing Keating’s leg bubbled back to the top of the list. When our 3D printer wouldn’t work, I called Logan Mace at the recently opened Maker Space at our local community college, West Virginia University of Parkersburg (WVUP) and he made it happen!

I met with Logan at WVUP with a 3D scan of Keating’s residual limb, which we captured in our office using our structure scanner. From there, Logan helped me with the design and actual printing of the leg. After many trials, we were finally able to create a functional leg that fit Keating well. The WVUP Makerspace gave me the opportunity to learn new design software and gave me access to their printers to print the final product.

Keating now has a new 3D printed leg and does very well with it. Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our goal – especially Logan Mace at WVUP. The marketing team at WVUP are also miracle workers and produced a great video on the project.

We are continuing to improve and modify the flexible liner, design of the socket and leg, and are now printing them in our Belpre, Ohio office. Thanks again to Rick Sevier as I attended another of his classes and heeded his advice on printer and filament selections. Both Rick and Logan are always available to help us through tough spots and get us to the next level. Click the link below to read more about our time working with WVUP.

Oct 18

Keating, an amputee therapy dog with a prosthetic leg, visits many in the Mid-Ohio Valley

He may be one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet. In fact, you many not even notice right away that he is missing his right front leg. Keating was born without a leg in Chattanooga, TN in May 2014 and rescued by Mark and Nancy Miller that August. Mark Miller, a certified prosthetist/orthotist with offices in Belpre, OH and Parkersburg, WV, adopted Keating so that he could continue to make new legs for him as he grew. Now at four years old Keating has been wearing a prosthesis since he was a puppy, and his main job is to bring smiles to those in need.


Keating’s famous Pirate Picture used on his business card.

Most days, Keating can be found at the Belpre, Ohio office of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics. He was trained by the Millers and was certified to be a therapy dog in June of 2016 by Therapy Dogs International. Within a week of his certification, the Millers took him to a National Amputee Coalition Conference in Greensboro, NC. The response from attendees with limb loss was so overwhelming, that they decided to share him with the community even outside of their office.

Now Keating makes weekly trips to Belpre Landing to visit the residents and others in short-term rehabilitation. He has also been to both hospitals in the area, a variety of doctor’s offices, and has recently made some rounds at HealthSouth Western Hills Rehab Hospital. He recently attended WVU’s Health & Wellness Day at the Grand Central Mall, the Senior Expo at Grand Pointe in May and a senior event at Putnam Howe Village in Belpre in June. He has visited students at Mineral Wells Elementary School and the Humane Society’s Camp Ruffin It, and was able to introduce the children to limb loss and how prosthetic legs work. He is always around for the Prosthetic Users Group meeting which is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30, usually at the Miller’s Belpre, Ohio office.

In June 2015, Keating won the costume contest for the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. He was wearing a pirate costume and his then brand-new custom “peg-leg” hand-turned from willow wood. Willow is the type of wood that prostheses used to be made from. The pirate picture taken at that event is now featured on Keating’s very own business card. If you see Keating out and about, be sure to ask for his card!

For the last two years, Keating has also visited the Amputee Coalition’s summer camp for children with limb loss at Camp Joy, in Clarksville, Ohio. This year, one of the campers said she still had Keating’s card from the previous year. She carries it around in her wallet and brought it with her to the camp. She said that whenever she gets sad, she looks at the card and thinks “If he can do it, I can do it.”

Keating visits Mr. Brown last year on Halloween at Belpre Landing

To read more about Keating, you can find articles and pictures at under Inspiring Stories:

About Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics:
Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is a team of highly experienced professionals who provide people with the most comfortable and functional fit for artificial limbs, and orthotic braces, supports and cranial helmets. They see patients in two locations: Belpre, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia. They are a high-tech, organized and efficient organization who provide outstanding patient satisfaction at all levels. They also lead the Prosthetic Users Group of the Mid-Ohio Valley, own a 3-legged certified therapy dog named Keating, and are certified visitors through the Amputee Coalition.

For more information about Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, call 740-421-4211, visit or email us at

Here is an accompanying article written by the Parkersburg News & Sentinel:

Sep 15

Keating loved the 2017 National Amputee Coalition Conference in Louisville!

Amputee Coalition National Conference 2017

Jun 28

Keating Aces Test as Certified Therapy Dog

Congratulations Keating! Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is proud to announce that Keating has graduated and is now an official therapy dog. His certification from Therapy Dogs International (TDI) is a result of a series of classes and intense personal training.

Keating is now a certified therapy dog!

Keating just passed his Therapy Dog Test!

Owners Mark and Nancy Miller rescued the amputee puppy two years ago from a shelter in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Keating is a regular fixture at the offices. He greets patients, and shows them how happy and well-adapted he is with his artificial leg.

Keating graduated from two classes at the Parkersburg Obedience Club in 2014: Puppy Obedience and Basic Obedience. After the initial training and spending time in both offices, the Millers decided to step up the training. Amanda Ingram from Band of Canines Dog Training spent five days training Keating and Nancy in their office setting. Ms. Ingram has gained her experience in the Army, where she trained bomb-sniffing search dogs. Her technique worked well for the Miller-Keating pair.

Keating’s certification from TDI came just in time for him to join the Millers at the Amputee Coalition’s National Conference in Greensboro, NC. Keating’s official certification gave him access to the entire event, interacting with people from all over the world. “We knew Keating was a hit with our patients, but we never dreamed of the importance this dog holds, gauged by the reactions of the crowd. Many attendees were overcome with emotion, shedding tears, giving hugs, and taking lots and lots of pictures.” According to Nancy, Keating was in his element and loved every bit of the attention!

In addition to his time in the office, Keating visits clients every Tuesday morning at Belpre Landing, the brand new short-term rehabilitation and assisted living facility near their Belpre office.  He also plans to visit patients in the hospitals, nursing homes and definitely next year’s conference in Louisville, KY. If you have someone who may need a visit from this special dog, call Nancy Miller at 740-421-4211. You can also keep up with Keating and see additional photos at

Special Thanks to Ruth DeFranco (second from left) and the testing team in Alliance Ohio for arranging our testing day. Therapy Dogs International.

Special Thanks to Ruth DeFranco (second from left) and the testing team in Alliance Ohio for arranging our testing day. Therapy Dogs International.


“Look! He is just like me!”

Keating finds a new friend, Angel, at the National Amputee Coalition Conference June 2016.


Amputee Therapy Dog Keating poses with Reggie Showers

Keating poses with Reggie Showers, Professional Motorcycle Racer and recently crossed the Serengeti Desert with “Mygrations”, a program currently airing on the National Geographic Channel.


Keating poses with World Champion Triathlete Mabio Costa

Keating poses with Two-Time World Champion Triathlete, Mabio Costa! National Amputee Coalition Conference June 2016 in Greensboro, NC.



May 21

Keating’s Favorite Video!

If Keating was in a movie…

Be sure to watch it until the end.

 Students created this animation and were offered jobs at Disney because of it.


May 19

Happy 2nd Birthday Keating! May 19, 2016

We had a fun impromptu birthday party for Keating in our office today! He enjoyed his slice of cake and his birthday gifts of ham and salami!  Thanks to Amanda, Chester & James for helping us celebrate!!









Jun 12

Pirate Pup Gets Pegleg

What does Keating get when you cross Woodcraft with Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics?   A PEGLEG!   An authentic wooden leg, with a professionally made prosthetic socket!


Captain Keating on stage for the costume contest at the “Walk Your Paws” Fundraiser for the Parkersburg Humane Society

Keating is the 3-legged dog of Mark and Nancy Miller, owners of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics in Parkersburg, WV.  Nancy is also the Head of Digital Retail at Woodcraft Supply. When the Humane Society of Parkersburg, WV announced their fundraiser would include a costume contest, Nancy instantly thought PIRATE and begged Mark to make a pegleg to go with the costume. When she questioned Mark on what type of wood was originally used for wooden legs, he said “willow wood”. In fact, he explained, that is where WillowWood, an Ohio-based Prosthetic company, derived its name. A quick search on showed that Woodcraft had willow wood in stock. The idea was so exciting, that Frank Byers of Woodcraft was eager to help. Frank actually found a willow stick in the office, and offered to make the wooden part of the leg!

The custom-fit wooden pegleg and costume came together at the Humane Societies “Walk your Paws” Fundraiser on Saturday June 6, 2015. The crowd fell in love with Keating as he joined the other pets in a lap around the park. His leg fit so well that he was able to easily run the path. He was also able to climb up and down the stairs to the stage, and won first place in the costume contest! His pirate treasure prize was a big basket of dog treats!


Keating with his eye-patch!

This was the 5th socket that Mark made for Keating, who is now one year old. Last year Keating was rescued by the Millers through MARC, an non-profit rescue organization in Chattanooga, Tennesse. Traci Kilmartin, a prosthetist in Chattanooga who made the puppy’s first prosthesis, reached out to her  professional network to find a good home for the puppy. Mark responded to the post, and soon the Millers took him in and made him part of their family. Now Keating usually goes to the office with Mark and has been very helpful to their amputee patients, especially those who have recently lost their limb. Keating is the happiest dog around, and doesn’t let his missing limb slow him down.

The wooden part of the leg was turned on a woodworking lathe by Frank Byers. He turned and finished the piece similar to a furniture leg, and made it long enough for Mark to blend it into the socket. After a day in the office of measuring and trying different materials, the wooden piece was incorporated into the socket with epoxy. Mark’s son Alex, who is also learning the trade, worked on the project and suggested the black leather covering to resemble a pirate boot. The leg turned out better than imaged! To see more photos and read about the production of the leg, check out the story on

lathe  turned-willow pegleg

Thanks to Pat Catan’s, who had a pirate costume for toddlers, Keating was decked out and ready to go to the fundraising event.  The Parkersburg City Park venue was equipped with a cannon, for the perfect pirate snapshot!


Keating poses with his owners, Mark and Nancy Miller, and his pirate treasure for taking First Place in the costume contest for the Humane Society’s Fundraiser

Thanks to the Humane Society of Parkersburg for the rescue and care they give to animals, and for all who donated to the cause at the Walk Your Paws event.  Keating will make another visit to the Humane Society for their kids “Camp Ruffin’ It” on June 23, 2015.

Mar 29

Giving the Dog a Bone – 3D Printed Style

Nov 2

Selfies with Keating!

Our daughter Arienne was home from college for the weekend, and got a chance to play with Keating!  She worked on his “Selfie” trick.  Below is a quick video and some photo’s from the beautiful fall day.

ArienneKeating-2selfiestart ArienneSelfie

ArienneKeating-selfiestart ArienneKeating-1