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Aug 15

Steve Lamp Walked Two Miles after Two Days with his new leg!

Steve Lamp is a super active guy, who loves to run and ran in the Parkersburg News & Sentinel’s 2014 Half Marathon for the first time. He was in a motorcycle accident earlier this year and lost his left leg below the knee. That didn’t slow him down much. He stayed active, and even participated in races with his wheelchair.


Photo by Mark Hawkins, Belpre, Ohio

Steve wasn’t cleared by his doctor until Friday, August 7 to get a prosthetic leg. His residual limb was finally healed and he was ready to be fit, but there was only one week before the half-marathon. Steve’s goal was to walk in the Parkersburg News & Sentinel’s Two Mile Race with his new leg. His family said to friends this past weekend, “Steve is under the illusion that he will be walking in the 2 Mile race.” Steve said with confidence – “I will be walking in that race”.

Steve was measured for his first artificial limb on Monday, August 10th at Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics. He tried out the leg on Wednesday, and it was adjusted and a temporary setup was completed on Thursday. His initial steps on his brand new leg were amazing! At the office, Steve walked inside and outside, up and down steps and down a ramp. Mark Miller, of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, watched in amazement as he walked aggressively and with confidence. Mark said that he would walk with Steve in the 2 mile, and make any adjustments along the way if needed.

At the race, Steve was supported by 14 family members who also walked with him including his wife Martha, sister-in–laws, and a niece who ran the Half. Steve was amazing! He walked at a great pace, and only stopped once to make a quick adjustment. Mark Miller said that in his 27 years of experience in Prosthetics, he has never seen anyone walk this well this quickly. Walking two miles after only two days with his first prosthesis for the first time was incredible! This is very unusual to actually encourage and support a new amputee to do something of that magnitude that quickly, but it was a goal that Steve wanted and it was easy to see that it meant a lot to him to accomplish that goal.

When Steve crossed that finish line with pride, tears secretly flowed from his surrounding family and friends.

What an inspiration Steve is – he is driven by a indescribable passion, he loves life and no one can stop him to living it to the fullest. He is a perfect example of triumph of the human spirit.

There is a 5K fundraiser for Steve on Saturday August 22, 2015 at Point Park starting at 8 am.


Photo by Mark Hawkins, Belpre, Ohio


Photo by Mark Hawkins, Belpre, Ohio

Nov 2

Keating Fetch Video and Fall Photo Shoot with Arienne!

AK-3 AK-7

Although Keating gets along fine with three legs, he loves running fast with all four! Check out the video of our daughter Arienne playing fetch with him. He is also getting quite used to the camera. We did a fun photo shoot with the Miller Prosthetics & Orthothics (MPO) gear. The green bandana is his work uniform, and Arienne is wearing one of our original t-shirts! Keating loved the treats he got after each good pose. He’s up for a photo shoot any day!
Notice the foot on the leg he is wearing. Mark turned the foot around so he wouldn’t get it caught on sticks, wires, etc when he runs.

Keating's prosthesis AK-2

AK-6 AK-5