In 2012 after the London Olympics, Mark and I decided to volunteer for the 2016 Paralympics.  After three years of applying, interviewing, and training, the time is finally here!

I decided to accept the one month roster that I was assigned, so I arrived on August 25. Mark arrives two weeks later, and will volunteer during the games.

The 2016 Paralympics in Rio take place after the regular Olympics,  they run from Sept 7-18.

I took an overnight flight and arrived at 8 am.  After a two bus trips, I arrived at the apartment that I found on  I tried to find a place to stay close to my work assignment.  Turns out it is next door.  Score!


First Day in Rio!!

Bom Dia (Good morning) from Rio everyone! I arrived in Rio on August 25.  Rio is beautiful and the beaches are amazing. My assignment is “work force ops” in the Paralympic Family Hotel.  ThIMG_5756e hotel I work in is actually the “Windsor Barra” hotel and I live next door.  My one-bedroom apartment is across the street from the ocean and I have an ocean view. I can’t believe how lucky I got with my choice.





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